Embark on an epic day with Captain Jug Charters, featuring a mix of adventure, stunning sights, and a delicious stop at the famous Lime Out VI floating taco bar. Captain Jug promises to make your St. John, USVI trip an experience of a lifetime.

From a North Shore tour to snorkeling and visiting the petroglyphs at Reef Bay, we’ve got your day planned. So grab your snorkel gear and sunscreen, and let’s dive into this unforgettable itinerary!

Morning – North Shore Tour: Sights, History, and Hollywood

Your morning with a captivating North Shore tour, where Captain Jug will point out remarkable spots and share fascinating history about the island. You might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity vacation home or two, because, as they say, “If it’s good enough for the stars, it’s good enough for us!”

The North Shore is home to some of the most famous beaches in St. John, such as Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Hawksnest. Keep your eyes peeled as you cruise by these postcard-worthy beaches and learn about the history of sugar plantations, pirate legends, and the conservation efforts that have preserved this beautiful coastline.

Trunk Bay North Shore VI

Mid-Morning – Maho Bay and 3-Ball Reef: Turtley Awesome!

Next, you’ll head to the picturesque Maho Bay, known for its turquoise waters and frequent sea turtle sightings. It’s almost like the turtles got the memo that this is the place to be in St. John! Green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles are commonly spotted in these calm waters, gracefully swimming alongside snorkelers and foraging for food.

Captain Jug will provide tips on the best spots to see these magnificent creatures while ensuring a safe and eco-friendly interaction. Don’t forget your waterproof camera – you’ll want to capture these memorable encounters!

3-Ball Reef: The Secret Underwater Paradise

Sneak away to a “secret” spot called 3-Ball Reef, located near Waterlemon Cay. This hidden treasure boasts a vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life. Channel your inner Ariel and explore the reef like a true mermaid (or merman).

With an abundance of coral formations, schools of colorful fish, and the occasional nurse shark or stingray, 3-Ball Reef is an underwater photographer’s dream. Captain Jug will provide guidance on the best snorkeling techniques and how to respect the marine environment, ensuring a fun and sustainable adventure for all.

Late Morning – Far East End Exploration: The Road Less Traveled (By Boat)

As you venture to the dramatic landscapes and secluded beaches of St. John’s far East end, you’ll be reminded of the famous quote, “Not all those who wander are lost.” These pristine shores are only accessible by boat, making them a truly unique, off-the-beaten-path experience. The far East end is also home to numerous hiking trails and the ruins of historic sugar mills, offering endless opportunities for exploration and learning about St. John’s rich past.

Lunchtime – Lime Out VI Taco Bar: Tacos, Cocktails, and Good Vibes

Tacos on the Water: A Foodie’s Paradise

When hunger strikes, it’s time to hit Lime Out VI, the famous floating taco bar. With gourmet tacos, refreshing cocktails, and a laid-back vibe, it’s no wonder this spot is on everyone’s bucket list. After all, life is better with a taco in hand! Lime Out VI offers a diverse menu featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, with options for meat lovers, seafood enthusiasts, and vegetarians alike. While you enjoy your mouthwatering meal, take in the panoramic views of St. John and the surrounding islands. The Lime Out experience is truly one of a kind, combining Caribbean flavors, floating fun, and awe-inspiring scenery.

Lime Out VI Itinerary. Lime Out Day Trip

Afternoon – Hansen Bay, Salt Pond, Petroglyphs, and South Shore: The Grand St. John Finale

Hansen Bay and Pelican Rock: A Snorkeler’s Dream

After refueling with tacos and cocktails, snorkel the vibrant reef at “Pelican Rock,” located in Hansen Bay. It’s an underwater wonderland that even Nemo and Dory would approve of!

Salt Pond: A Tranquil Escape

Recharge at the serene Salt Pond, where you can swim, relax on the beach, or explore the surrounding trails. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and connect with nature.

Salt Pond Bay

Petroglyphs at Reef Bay: History, Without the Hike

Skip the miles of hiking and let Captain Jug Charters take you to the ancient petroglyphs at Reef Bay. Accessible by boat, you’ll have the chance to witness these intriguing rock carvings up close without breaking a sweat. It’s like having your own time machine, taking you back to the days when St. John’s indigenous inhabitants left their mark on the island.

Late Afternoon – South Shore St. John: Unspoiled Nature and Serenity

Discover the Undiscovered South Shore

As your day draws to a close, head to the pristine South Shore of St. John, where miles of protected National Park land stretch out before you. With no houses in sight, this untouched coastline offers a peaceful retreat and a chance to reflect on your incredible day of adventure.

Your day with Captain Jug Charters promises an unforgettable journey through St. John, USVI, filled with adventure, history, humor, and the ever-popular Lime Out VI floating taco bar. This engaging and carefully crafted itinerary ensures you’ll create lasting memories in the heart of the Caribbean. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the best of St. John aboard our private charter boat. Book your adventure today!

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