Want to learn more about the US Virgin Islands? There is no better option than a boat tour or charter in St. John! A boat trip around St. John is the ideal way to experience everything the US Virgin Islands have to offer, with its pristine beaches, breathtaking views, and exciting wildlife.

Solomon Beach St. John, US Virgin Islands

There are many boat charters and boat tours available around St. John that can give you an unforgettable experience, whether you’re looking to spend a romantic day in the sun or go on an adventure out on the open seas.

The majority of boat tours will take you to the region’s top attractions, such as the Caribbean Sea’s crystal-clear waters, old ruin sites, and the region’s abundant wildlife and natural beauty. As you cruise around exploring everything the USVI has to offer, you’ll also get to enjoy the beauty of the nearby islands and bays.


A private boat charter is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a more secluded trip around St. John. They’ll collaborate with you to design a special itinerary that meets your requirements, including private anchorages, sunset cruises, and snorkeling excursions.


No matter what kind of tour you’re looking for, St. John Boat Charter and Boat Tours will provide you with a memorable and luxurious experience that you won’t forget. So if you’re ready to explore the US Virgin Islands by boat, book one of our charters or tours today!